Our Next Meeting

Our October club meeting is October 28th at 7pm.  Our October club meeting is typically when our members share dives they have done over the past year.  This year because of COVID-19 folks probably have not gotten to dive outside of Monterey very much.  As such this year we are asking folks to share their favorite dive photos or stories from any past dives.  Please send me an email that you will be sharing and if you have a presentation you want to use during the meeting you can send it to me or just let me know.   I will collect them all so I can call on you during the meeting.

The information for attending the zoom meeting is:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting URL:https://guidewire.zoom.us/j/98644943667?pwd=NFdSM3VSL0dldGMwSjFaUDNHb2JPUT09&from=addon

Thanks in advance for your content and hope to see you at our meeting