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The Extreme Life of the Sea: Amazing Ways Animals Live in Amazing Parts of the Ocean

What are the fastest fishes in the sea? The deepest species? The hottest, coldest, oldest? The strangest family lives? The oceans are filled with a huge diversity of life, and species manage to live in virtually all habitats. There is the deep-sea stop light fish with red search lights for finding prey – that only it can see. There are ice fish with special proteins that keep ice out of their blood, and are now used to keep ice out of your ice cream. This is a talk for everyone who wants to know the secrets of the sea. It is about the familiar – where Nemo finds a mate – and the unfamiliar – how do squid fly? It is about the extreme life of the sea.    

Stephen Palumbi is the Jane and Marshall Steel, Jr. Professor of Marine Biology at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station, and author of The Death and Life of Monterey Bay: A Story of Revival, The Extreme Life of the Sea, and over 200 academic papers.

Microdocumentaries at http://microdocs.org  The Short Attention Span Science Videos on Ecological Sustainability. 

This will be our first, but probably not our last, virtual dive club meeting.  To attend, see the sign-in information below.

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