Blackwater diving Pt.2: Jeff Milisen @ MBARI (Zoom)

Presenting June 14, 11AM PDT by Zoom

If you read May 2023 Otter Limits you met Blackwater diver & Marine Biologist Jeff Milisen

(That’s not Jeff)

The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s new exhibition Into The Deep has been foundational in helping people connect with the deeper, darker 2/3’s of our planet. Some of the animals exhibited there were collected at night while drifting many miles offshore from my home in Kona, Hawaii. Popularly termed “blackwater,” I’ve been dedicating my Friday nights for the past decade to going offshore, staring into the abyss and sharing it with a new assortment of guests every dive. This hour will present on patterns that we see in diversity with abiotic factors such as moon phase and seasonality. What factors best predict our biodiversity? Where do we find this life? And what are we actually looking at? I have photos, stories, data, and more. Sit back and drift for an hour over lunch, and let’s get nerdy!

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(That’s Jeff! and his partner Sarah!)
 (No, the photo above!)

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