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MBSO General Club Meeting Jan 25, 2023

Greetings Monterey Sea Otters!

National Geo picture of Sea Otters
sea otters piggyback (nat geo 2023 Jan)

We have an exciting Club meeting coming up – we’ll take nominations for leadership, discuss upcoming dives (weather permitting,) then welcome Jim Elliott & Tinamarie Hernandez to tell us about their work with Diveheart – read more below.

Please join our General Club meeting on Zoom Wednesday Jan 25th at 7 PM PST:

Meeting ID: 843 5151 4328

Passcode: 657784

January 2023 Speaker Preview

Our speakers for January are Jim Elliott, founder and Tinamarie Hernandez, Executive Director both of Diveheart.

Jim Elliott, founder of Diveheart
Jim Elliott, founder of Diveheart

Jim is co-author of the Diveheart Adaptive Scuba Training program and is a leader on forwarding Scuba Therapy research around the world. As a Rotarian, he lives by the motto of “Service Above Self” and works with service organizations worldwide to grow adaptive scuba programs that serve children, adults and veterans with disabilities in the communities where they live. 




Tinamarie Hernandez, Executive Director of Diveheart
Tinamarie Hernandez, Executive Director of Diveheart

Tinamarie began her assignment as Diveheart executive director in February of 2014. She is deeply committed to Diveheart’s mission and vision and has already implemented many changes that have allowed Diveheart to grow. 

The zero-gravity aquatic environment offers perfect buoyancy and balance to those who might struggle on land, providing physical and psychological therapeutic value. It is this can-do spirit that Diveheart seeks to instill in its participants. Diveheart has changed the language from Handicapped and Disabled scuba to Adaptive scuba which is now a recognized norm in the scuba industry. They have helped launch adaptive scuba programs all over North America and the Caribbean to Malaysia, Australia, China, Israel and the UK. 


Two deep blue photos of Diveheart participants
Diveheart participants in their element!

Diveheart has since 2001 innovated the premier adaptive scuba training program in the industry, while growing Diveheart Scuba Experience pool programs (DSE’s), adaptive scuba adventure trips and adaptive outreach and education opportunities for individuals with disabilities. In addition they are working on these fronts:

  • Diveheart Military Wounded
  • Research collaborations with therapists, physicians, and researchers at university medical centers
  • Adaptive Dive symposia

See Diveheart in the award winning documentary Adapting to Dive (Free preview, Amazon,) and on the TV show Random Acts Diving & Thriving episode. 

Diveheart Website

Diveheart news & video library

Diveheart on Facebook

Adaptive Dive Training Program



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