Upcoming: DiveHeart Adaptive Dive Buddy Training

Greetings Monterey Bay Sea Otters & friends,

DiveHeart “Adaptive Dive Buddy” class will be coming to SF soon & will offer training to share the amazing experience of diving more widely. Will share more info when timing has been verified.

Diveheart works with certified scuba divers and Adaptive Divers (individuals with a disability) to create Adaptive Dive Teams that allow everyone to experience zero gravity underwater. A Diveheart Adaptive Dive Team consists of the Adaptive Diver, and two Adaptive Dive Buddies. For certified scuba divers, taking a Diveheart Buddy Course is the first step to becoming part of a Diveheart Adaptive Dive Team.

For registration & payment information, please email Niko.Kowell@gmail.com

Prerequisites are listed here: https://diveheart.org/diveheart-courses/#buddy-courses

Diveheart Courses - Diveheart


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