Clean-Up Dive, Saturday, September 18 th , 8:00 a.m. San Carlos Beach, Monterey

In 2009, the Monterey Bay Sea Otter’s Dive Club adopted San Carlos Beach within the California
Coastal Commission’s ‘Adopt a Beach’ program. We now organize quarterly beach clean-ups that are
both fun for divers and helpful to our environment.
It’s that time once again Sea Otters! We will be picking up debris on the topside of San Carlos Beach
as well as underwater along the Breakwater Wall. We want our adopted beach in tip- top shape. We
will meet at 8:00 at the picnic tables that are close to the beach. Non-diver guests are always
welcome to join us because who doesn’t love a trash-free beach!
Peet’s Coffee in Monterey will graciously donate their delicious coffee for this event and there will be
perfectly paired doughnuts provided by the MBSO club. All we have to do is hope for sunshine and a calm sea, which would make this a perfect dive day. Please bring a knife to cut fishing line and a goodie-bag to put your trashy collections in. If you don’t have a goodie-bag, the club has some that we will happily loan out.
We hope that you will join us in cleaning our beautiful adopted beach. All times are for mandatory check-in – divers must be geared up for the briefing 30 minutes later.
RSVP if you are coming by email to, and meet at the stairs at the top of the beach.


  1. I was thinking of doing a clean up dive mainly for lead weights at breakwater for my freediving group. I understand the two styles (SCUBA and freediving) are different in accessibility and risks but I wanted to ask how you all as a club put on clean up dives in the area?

    If you have a moment, give me a call at 408-952-9592 or email me at

    1. Nicholas,

      I will forward your comment to the board. Currently, we do a quarterly clean-up at Breakwater using Scuba and also cleaning topside.

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