September Dive Club Meeting


UPDATE: Unfortunately, Bernie Chowdhury will not be able to join us for our meeting. The good news is we have a fun speaker that is going to join us. Her name is Kamala Shadduck and is the founding member and owner of the diving organization, called Single Divers ( Single Divers is not a place to go and dater other divers. It is a place that if you are a diver and don’t have a dive buddy to go diving with, they can help. The have club dives as well as forums to help you find a dive buddy. I actually have done most of my diving with Kamal’s group. The associated picture is during a trip I did with Single Divers to Fiji.

In addition, we will talk about our upcoming dives in October. Also, please start thinking about what you would like to talk to the club about in October for our Members club meeting.

The zoom link is

In case you need the password to join that is 251135

Hope to see you all there.


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