After-Work Dive, Wednesday, December 9th, 5:00 p.m. Coral Street Beach, Pacific Grove

Coral St. is a great location for a night dive. At night the fish, attracted by our dive lights, come out of their usual hidey-holes. This dive is a fish enthusiast’s delight as we typically see cabezon, lingcod, and rockfish. I have also found it to be a wonderful spot to get up close and personal with purple sea urchins. Who doesn’t love those?!

We will meet at the corner of Coral and Ocean View at 6:00 p.m. to check out conditions and do a briefing. After that, we will don our gear and make our way out into the protected cove. This is not a difficult dive, but there are some rocks in close to be avoided.We have had great success here at night and I think this is a great time to come out and dive it.

General Guidelines for After Work & Night Dives: To participate in after work dives or night dives, divers must carry a minimum of two lights, one main light and one marker light (usually attached to the tank valve).

The dive must be terminated if a person experiences a malfunction of his/her light(s).That is why carrying three lights is strongly recommended so that dive team can continue the dive if one diver’s light ceases to function.

For everyone’s diving pleasure, the club would like to thank all
participants for adhering to these recommendations for club dives.RSVP if you are coming on the MBSO Facebook page or by email to, and meet at the benches overlooking the beach

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