After-Work Dive, Friday, September 11th, 6:00 p.m. Otter Cove, Pacific Grove

This is a shallow site that doesn’t see 50 ft. until a long way out where the boulders give way to
a sandy bottom with rocky pinnacles and some kelp. The pinnacles are covered in
invertebrates and strawberry anemones and encrusting sponges are common. Small lingcod
and cabezons are in the crevices waiting to ambush a tasty snack, such as one of the
sculpins, gobies, or juvenile rockfish swimming around. While you are out there, look for bat
rays on the sandy bottom.

The prime entry point is at the intersection of Ocean View Blvd. and Siren Street. There is
a small parking lot and stone stairs lead down to a stony beach. This is a site that often gets
overlooked and one can often see more sea life than at other, more dived sites. (from A
Diver’s Guide to Monterey County, California by Bruce

RSVP if you are coming on the MBSO Facebook page or by email to, and meet at the staircase.

General Guidelines for After Work & Night Dives: To participate in after work dives or night
dives, divers must carry a minimum of two lights, one main light and one marker light (usually
attached to the tank valve). The dive must be terminated if a person experiences a
malfunction of his/her light(s). That is why carrying three lights is strongly recommended so
that dive team can continue the dive if one diver’s light ceases to function. For everyone’s
diving pleasure, the club would like to thank all participants for adhering to these
recommendations for club dives.

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