After Work Dive, Wednesday, February 12th, 5:00 p.m. Lovers Cove

All times are mandatory SHOW times to assess conditions – divers are expected to gear up and attend the dive briefing 30 minutes later.

Please RSVP for dives to or on MBSO Facebook page!!

This month we return to one of our favorite sites, Lovers of Jesus Cove in Pacific Grove. We will meet in the upper parking lot next to the swan-encrusted glass bottom boat to look at conditions,
introduce buddies, and do a dive site briefing. There are restrooms at this site and the parking is free.

The dive entry is through a sandy protected cove, so
divers of all skill levels are encouraged to attend.
We will dive site #1, the cove, since it is easier to
navigate at night back to shore with the streetlights as
markers. We’ll more than likely see some of the usual
suspects and hopefully some unexpected critters as
well, like monkey face pricklebacks, midshipman, and
sailfin sculpin. At night, the rockfish are more active,
and it is surprising how many juvenile fish come out to

Make sure to bring two lights out to this dive as it will be getting dark even as we enter the water, this is repeated in guidance, but I wanted to say it here, so people don’t forget.

These dives are a lot of fun, come out and join us!

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