Holiday Party!

Sunday, December 1 is the day.  We will start the festivities at 1 and wrap up at 5 or so.  The club will provide a tri-tip and ham and some drinks, and we can all bring some appetizers, side dishes, and desserts, pot-luck style.  Alcoholic beverages will be BYOB and we usually share.  As per tradition, we will do a white-elephant gift exchange.  If you want to participate, bring a wrapped gift of $15-$20 value.  It doesn’t have to be new, regifting is encouraged.  We will draw numbers and select gifts in that order.  During your turn, if you like a previously opened gift, you can “steal” it.  A gift can change hands a maximum of two times, then it stays with the third and final owner. We will also be holding a raffle for cool stuff like a gift certificate, wine, and much more.

Should you come?  Yes!  There are a lot of you out there that we don’t see regularly at the dives or meetings, but we still would like to hang out with you.  This is always a great time of sharing food and laughs – please join us!  Don’t celebrate Christmas?  This is a holiday party in the most secular sense, overlain with the trappings of the season.  We will be focusing on the traditions of companionship, good food, and gift-giving (and stealing!) But, if I am only a Facebook member of the club? You can still come and Walan will get you signed up for your 2020 official club membership.

Email Activities Director Scott at and let him know how many people, and what dish you will bring to share.  You can click that link right now!  Scott will send you the address!

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