After Work Dive, Friday, May 10th, 6:30 p.m. Wharf II, Monterey

One of the neater dive sites in Monterey

Our after-work dive will be at the Municipal Wharf #2. We dive this location with the permission
of the harbormaster once a year. If you have not dived this location before you should
definitely check it out. We will meet at 6 p.m. at the parking in front of the London Bridge Pub
near the intersection of Del Monte and Figueroa. It gets dark about 8:00 so this is considered
to be a night dive. We will have a mandatory dive briefing at 6:30.

This is generally an easy place to dive at night because it is very easy to navigate amongst all
the pilings. The depth is a fairly consistent 20-25 feet deep. This is the only muck dive that we
do in Monterey where we find both black-eyed gobies and bay gobies living amongst the
oyster shells and discarded crab pots along the edge of the wharf. One spot fringeheads and
the occasional sarcastic fringehead can be found in discarded bottles and timbers. This is a
night dive, so please bring two dive lights and a marker light. After the dive we will probably eat
something in a nearby pub or restaurant.

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