April 27th, Saturday, 8:30 a.m.* Club Dive, North Monastery, Carmel

North Monastery is one of those rare places where you can do a short kick from shore and go
as deep as you would like to possibly dive. The huge granite boulders drop off at 60 degrees in
to the black abyss of the deep-water trench that comes very near the shore. It is possible to
see the usual rockfish and perch and an abundance
of lingcod that seem to thrive and grow large in this marine protected area.

This is an ADVANCED dive and divers that come here should be prepared for a more challenging
entry and exit in course gravel. We will talk about some strategies for safely diving here on the steep
beach that has humbled even the most experienced divers at times. Because this can also be a deep
dive, we recommend that only experienced divers attend this club dive.
If conditions are not agreeable we will retreat to our sure-thing dive location, San Carlos

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