February 23rd, Saturday, 8:30 a.m. Club Dive, Stillwater Cove

One of the neatest shore dives in Carmel Bay – keep an eye out for golf balls!

Have you ever gotten the accursed mal-de-mer on a dive boat making the run from Monterey to Carmel Bay? If your captain was merciful, they would have likely ducked into the site of our
October club dive to give upset stomachs a moment to settle and divers a chance to finish gearing up before jumping into the blue-green waters bracketing the dramatic pinnacles of
Carmel Bay.

The site has a name, Stillwater Cove, and it is recognized for its relatively undisturbed marine environment. It’s near the Pebble Beach Golf Club (duck if you hear “fore!”), and The Beach
and Tennis Club provides the coastal access from sunrise to sunset. Stillwater is a very protected dive spot with many different dives contained within the cove. Standing on the
beach you can see Pescadero Point to the right and Arrowhead Point to the left. There is a stairway leading to a small sandy beach where you can launch small inflatables and kayaks.
There is a $10 gate fee to gain access into Pebble Beach, but you can often get this waived by telling them you are heading for the coastal access. At any rate, the free hot showers that we
can use post-dive are worth the cost of admission! Once you are done diving, you should plan to drive the entire world-famous 17 Mile Drive loop!

Directions: Located in the heart of Pebble Beach, the drive here is worth the effort, even if you are not going to dive! Drive South of Carmel on Highway 1 to Ocean Ave. Take Ocean Ave
West and turn right on San Antonio Ave. Wind your way North until you find yourself on Carmel Way. You will soon intersect with the famous 17 Mile Drive. A gate guard will
welcome you and may relieve you of some money for the privilege of hobnobbing with the Rich and Famous.

Travel North West for about 1 mile, and turn left on Palmero Way. Travel approximately 1/2 mile and then make a left on to Cypress Drive for about 1/8 of a mile which ends at Stillwater Cove.

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