Upcoming Dives

March 23rd, Saturday, 8:30 a.m.*  Club Dive, Butterfly House, Carmel

Butterfly House is located at the intersection of Scenic Road and Stewart Way in Carmel by the Sea. There is a large expensive house there with an odd roof that resembles a butterfly perched on the rocks overlooking a small cove. Parking is on the street and then we access the beach by an eroding goat path down to the water. There are no restrooms at this site so if you are diving dry you may want to stop in to the port-a-potty just located along the road in at Carmel River Beach.

We will meet up at the intersection and observe conditions before doing a briefing and gearing up. The shallow cove is not kelped-in this time of year but the goat path to the water is not for the meek so it is one of the more difficult dives we will attempt this year. However, the site is beautiful and one of the nicest shore dives in Carmel. There are very large granite pinnacles and chutes to explore. There are large and abundant fish species here as well as lots of invertebrate life. This is a good dive to bring your camera and, if the visibility looks promising, a wide angle lens.

If this site is not diveable, we will retreat to our backup site, San Carlos Beach. Please post on Facebook if you are attending and if we do change the dive location we will post on Facebook and you can be notified of the change.

April 12th, Friday, 6:30 p.m.  After-Work Dive, San Carlos Beach, Monterey

Ok, ok, it’s San Carlos Beach. We’ve all dived there, it’s where most of us likely learned to dive and where we go when everywhere else is blown out. We know it like the back of our hands. But this time will be different.

We will be doing a night dive and night dives here are pretty epic. We have come across some interesting and uncommon species like swell sharks, sailfin sculpins, masked pricklebacks, tree fish, vermillion rockfish and even a California spiny lobster. The breakwater has a wide variation of observed species and during the day these usually hide in the extensive maze of riprap that comprise the man-made structure, but at night these hidden species make their way out to forage.

Make sure to bring two lights and a tank marker light. After the dive, we often recount the nights events at a local pub/restaurant. 
 See you there!

April 20th, Saturday, 8:30 a.m.*  Clean-Up Dive, San Carlos Beach, Carmel

In 2009, the Monterey Bay Sea Otter’s Dive Club adopted San Carlos Beach within the California Coastal Commission’s ‘Adopt a Beach’ program.  We now organize quarterly beach clean-ups that are both fun for divers and helpful to our environment.

It’s that time once again Sea Otters!  We will be picking up debris on the topside of San Carlos Beach as well as underwater along the Breakwater Wall on Saturday April 15th.  We want our adopted beach in tip-top shape.  We will meet at 8:30 at the picnic tables that are close to the beach.  Non-diver guests are always welcome to join us because who doesn’t love a trash-free beach!

Peet’s Coffee in Monterey will graciously donate their delicious coffee for this event and there will be perfectly paired doughnuts provided by the MBSO club.  All we have to do is hope for sunshine and a calm sea, which would make this a perfect dive day.

Please bring a knife to cut fishing line and a goodie-bag to put your trashy collections in.  If you don’t have a goodie-bag, the club has some that we will happily loan out. 

We hope you will join us in cleaning our beautiful adopted beach!

April 27th, Saturday, 8:30 a.m.*  Club Dive, North Monastery, Carmel

North Monastery is one of those rare places where you can do a short kick from shore and go as deep as you would like to possibly dive. The huge granite boulders drop off at 60 degrees in to the black abyss of the deep-water trench that comes very near the shore. It is possible to see the usual rockfish and perch and an abundance of lingcod that seem to thrive and grow large in this marine protected area.

This is an ADVANCED dive and divers that come here should be prepared for a more challenging entry and exit in course gravel. We will talk about some strategies for safely diving here on the steep beach that has humbled even the most experienced divers at times. Because this can also be a deep dive, we recommend that only experienced divers attend this club dive.

If conditions are not agreeable we will retreat to our sure-thing dive location, San Carlos Beach.