Links to local (and not-so-local) dive boats, charter operations, and resorts

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1   Link   Nautilus Explorer - Diving Mantas to Icebergs
If you're interested in Diving British Columbia, this is the boat to use. Don't forget your drysuit!
2   Link   Truth Aquatics - SoCal Dive Boats
Liveaboard dive boats servicing the Channel Islands of Southern California
3   Link   Peace Dive Boat (Ventura, California)
The Peace dive boat is a liveaboard, operating from Ventura harbor and plying the waters of the Channel Islands and Catalina. Service is first class, with a friendly crew and great cook.
4   Link   Cypress Charters
The is the website for the Cypress Sea Dive Boat.
5   Link   The Escapade
This is the website for The Escapade.