Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 6:30 pm

This month we welcome Marty McCaffetry, one of four “on-call’ medics for Divers Alert Network, and he could be the person that answers the phone when you call DAN. He is a certified scuba instructor as well as a paramedic and EMS supervisor.

DAN’s mission is…

  • to provide medical information and diagnostic details to divers who call with questions;
  • to respond and handle all facets of a diving emergency involving a DAN America member worldwide; and
  • to provide doctors with medical information they may need to treat diving-related accidents.

“When we receive a diving emergency call, we (the medics) become the main point of contact for the emergency,” he points out. “We will work to obtain medical assistance, contact the nearest chamber if necessary, secure transportation and handle anything else that needs to be done,” McCafferty explains. “In other words, we become intimately involved in all aspects of the person’s care.”

While the topics are varied, the questions and need for answers are constant. McCafferty points out that not every call is a diving emergency. “People have questions about their fitness for diving. Some have diabetes or are recovering from a heart attack." Questions on obesity are becoming more common, he notes.

Marty will be talking to us via a live webinar on the topic “Evaluating Information Related to Diving” and will be examining the abundance of dive information on the internet and how to decide what is reliable information.

Please join us at the Crazy Horse Restaurant near Del Monte Shopping Center in Monterey. The meeting starts at 6:30, but I encourage you to come at 6 pm to enjoy some food and friendship first!

Meeting Location

Restaurant: Crazy Horse Restaurant
Address: Bay Park Hotel, 1425 Munras Ave, Monterey, CA 93940
Phone:831) 649-4771alt

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