Jenny Miller Garmendia, Marine Policy Consultant

Jenny was living with her US diplomat parents in the Philippines when she learned how to dive in 1968. She became an Instructor with the Philippines Sports Diving Association in 1969. In 1971 she and three partners started Divemasters (Far East) Pte. Ltd. in Singapore with recreational diving, commercial diving and cargo survey divisions. In 1973 she trained as an Underwater Instructor at Asilomar and in 1975 became a PADI Course Director. Jenny managed the dive center, trained divers and Instructors and ran tours in Southeast Asia until 1985 when she went to work for PADI. There she worked as Assistant Training Manager and International Operations Manager and helped start PADI Medic First Aid. In the late 90s Jenny completed a Masters in International Policy at MIIS and worked as an intern at the Monterey Bay Aquarium doing the research to start Seafood Watch. In 2000 she and went to the University of Hawaii to teach Political Science and do research in international fisheries and ocean governance. In 2005 she became Executive Director of Project AWARE Foundation, an international marine conservation non-profit working with divers on marine conservation. In 2012 she returned to the Monterey area, as a marine policy consultant and working with local companies such as DreamCasters Voyage.

“Thresher Sharks, Tuna and Nudibranchs – Tales of Balayan Bay Over 50 Years”

Anilao in Balayan Bay, the Philippines has been a mecca for divers since the 60s. Over time it has been transformed from a remote area without roads where dive sites were only accessible by local outrigger canoes, into one of the main diving resort destinations in Asia. The Bay is part of the Coral Triangle and like Monterey Bay, runs very deep which leads to an incredible variety of marine life. Diving often runs deep and in the early days, the only recompression chamber in the country was at the US Naval Base in Subic Bay. Over the past 50 years, pressures on and offshore include deforestation, overfishing and development resulting in dramatic changes to the underwater ecosystem, both negative and positive. This is the story of those changes.

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